Jamestown Sun Pigskin Pick’em: September 24th

My Pigskin Pick’em for The Jamestown Sun:

Last Week: (5-5)
Total: (21-19)

Well my goal was to get above .500, but I went 5-5. Still better than a losing record for the week. Time to get back in gear and hopefully this week will play out much better.

Jamestown @ Dickinson: Dickinson (1-0)
Northern Cass @ Carrington: Carrington (2-0)
Oak Grove @ Ellendale/Edgeley-Kulm: E-E-K (3-0)
Linton-HMB @ Strasburg-Zeeland: Strasburg-Zeeland (3-1)
Valley City State @ Dickinson State: DSU (4-1)
UC-Davis @ UND: UND (5-1)
UCLA @ Arizona: UCLA (6-1)
Utah @ Oregon: Utah (7-1)
S.D Chargers @ Minnesota Vikings: Chargers (7-2)
K.C. Chiefs @ Green Bay Packers: Packers (8-2)

Total: 29-21


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