Jamestown Sun Pigskin Pick’em: September 17th

My Pigskin Pick’em for The Jamestown Sun:

Last Week: (6-4)
Total: (16-14)

Another winning record for last week. I started out hot, but then the last few NFL games blew my awesome streak. My goal: to get above .500 each week!

Williston @ Jamestown: Jamestown (0-1)
Dickinson Trinity @ Valley City: Trinity (0-2)
Shiloh Christian @ Linton-HMB: Shiloh (1-2)
Dakota State @ U. of Jamestown: Jimmies (1-3)
UND @ NDSU: NDSU (2-3)
Auburn @ LSU: LSU (3-3)
Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame: Georgia Tech (3-4)
BYU @ UCLA: UCLA (4-4)
Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings: Lions (4-5)
Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packer: Packers (5-5)

Total: 21-19


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